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If you are interested in becoming a member of Region V Computer Services, please contact Jill Guhlke, Interim Executive Director, at 507.386.4811 or email jill@regionv.k12.mn.us for more information.

Region V Territorial Map


About Us

Region V Computer Services provides "one-stop shop" reporting and SMART application support services to school districts throughout south central and southeastern Minnesota.


To be the preferred provider of service and support in a partnership with our educational members so they can perform their business operations efficiently and effectively.


Region V Computer Services is a joint powers organization of its member school districts.  Region V has a membership of 76 school districts in south central and southeastern Minnesota, with a total enrollment of over 127,000 students. In addition to serving school districts, Region V also provides support to other entities such as education districts and charter schools. Click Here for a map showing Region V’s territory.


Region V Computer Services is governed by an eight member board. All districts have been assigned to one of three categories based on enrollment. While the number of districts within each category is different, the number of students is approximately the same. Each category is represented by two persons on the Governance Board. In addition, two representatives are elected at-large by all districts.


Region V provides support primarily to the business office staff of our member districts. In the areas of finance, human resources and payroll, Region V supports the application suite called SMART (System Management and Reporting Tools). SMART is a client server application utilizing Microsoft Back Office. Districts may choose to run SMART on an in-house server or may opt to run on a shared server operated by the region. Basically, any user within the district having access to a Windows workstation on the district network can be given access to SMART. SMART is designed to lessen the dependence on paper reports; data is readily available through a variety of screens as well as reports printable to the screen. Many of the Windows standards are used in navigating the SMART applications so user training is made easier.


The region assists in reporting required data to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) for member districts in the areas of UFARS (finance), STAR (staff) and MARSS (student). In addition, Region V assists districts in complying with payroll reporting of W-2’s, TRA, PERA, etc. through periodic training sessions and bulletins. Districts that receive all services from Region V appreciate the “one-stop shop” for all of their reporting needs.


Region V conducts a number of workshops throughout the year supporting UFARS compliance, payroll reporting, MARSS reporting, office automation and other business-related areas. Training sessions are held periodically on various SMART topics so district staff members have opportunities to increase their skill level or to help train newly hired staff. In addition, Region V staff provides specialized services to individual districts including emergency bookkeeping help, bank reconciliation, assistance in revenue projections, etc.

Annually, Region V sponsors a Spring Conference for the districts’ business office staff members. A wide range of topics are presented by speakers from many resources.