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Region V Computer Services provides support to member school district business office staff members to assist in their success.


Member districts receive support in the areas of:


Payroll/Human Resource (HR)

MARSS / Student

SMART Applications (SMART Finance, SMART HR and SMART eR)




We are a resource for the district to get guidance regarding a multitude of areas concerning their business questions and processes. We assist districts with reporting requirements for calendar year-end, fiscal year-end, quarterly and other reporting submissions.

Support is provided in a variety of methods. Unlimited email and phone support is available to all members. New business office staff training is provided for individuals as well as groups. Topic sessions allow new, as well as seasoned, staff to learn about SMART software features or mandated requirements. Periodic bulletins alert districts to reporting reminders, processing reminders, software upgrades and other pertinent information.

As a one-stop shop, not only do we relay to you pertinent rules, regulations and procedures, but we also assist you in getting the appropriate data into the SMART application and processed for maximum outcomes.

Our focus is on your success!