SMART Applications

SMART (System Management and Reporting Tools) is an application developed specifically for Minnesota school districts. It is owned and supported by Regions I, II, III, IV and V (View Regional Map). Over 250 public school districts use the SMART software. It is, by far, the most widely used software for school finance in Minnesota.

The SMART suite consists of SMART Finance, SMART HR and SMART eR.

  • SMART Finance is designed to meet the requirements of state reporting for UFARS and meet the expectations of a robust business office.
  • SMART HR has numerous capabilities in the areas of payroll, agency reporting, tax filing, and human resource needs.
  • SMART eR is a web application that allows employees of the district access to areas of finance, payroll and human resource. It integrates with the SMART Finance and SMART HR applications seamlessly.


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