Sessions regarding Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) are given two times each year. These offerings assist school district personnel working closely with MARSS reporting. Accurate reporting is critical to school district funding. Over 90% of school district revenue is based on MARSS data. It is an ever-evolving area.

A MARSS 101 session is provided in the late summer / early fall to those that are newer to this profession. It is also a great session for anyone who would like a refresher. Topics discussed include the importance of accurate student accounting, the responsibilities of a MARSS coordinator, a review of all the MARSS data elements, a tutorial of the MARSS Web Edit System, what the various reports and deadlines are and the Minnesota Department of Education’s (MDE’s) website showing where to find information for complete reporting.

An “End-of-Year” session is provided in May to review the multiple reporting reminders and how-to instructions. New MARSS reporting procedures are discussed as well as a review of commonly miscoded data items.

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