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2018 Fall Session

Truth in Taxation Sample

Fall Session Powerpoint

2018 Fiscal Year-End Session

FYE Binder

Full Day Presentation

Half Day Presentation

2018 Financial Profiles




Sessions are provided in the area of finance to assist our members with the multiple requirements they are responsible to prepare and complete. We typically provide three sessions during the fiscal year. Each one targets a different area based on the reporting cycle.

Our fall session focuses on account code cleanup and audit requirements for the prior fiscal year and preparation for the current fiscal year. Truth-in-taxation information is presented as well as levy certification. Items of interest, such as software enhancements, may also be demonstrated.

A budget session is held during the winter. Our morning session focuses on SMART features, accounting updates, and tools on our website. The afternoon is a work session to allow districts time to focus on their budgets away from their offices. Region V staff is available to assist and answer questions during the work session.

At our Fiscal Year-End sessions, districts are furnished with a 300 page packet filled with information on year-end procedures and accounting treatments. This packet is a collaborative effort of Regions I – V. Half-day and full-day sessions are offered.